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ROV Services

ROV Services

GOSL’s highly specialized ROV fleet are equipped with the latest shallow and deepwater ROV systems. These systems provide underwater intervention and inspection support for various clients. The ROVs form a working platform for high specification survey sensors as well as intervention tooling, offshore pipeline surveys, Cathodic Protection (CP) surveys, NDT inspections, wellhead and platform inspection surveys.

Our ROVs utilize state of the art system components and standard sub-systems across the fleet. GOSL’s global approach ensures efficient management of spares and rapid information updates from its ROV team where necessary.

We currently own a fleet of ROVs which include:

ROV Fleet

This ROV System is a compact 2500msw depth rated system fitted with state of the art components. It is a Work Class ROV System fitted with HDTV camera, Schilling T4 Master/Slave Manipulator and a Ringmaster Grabber. The vehicle is also fitted with an 18kW HPU, 40lpm at 180bar for tooling.

The ROV can perform different tasks related to marine applications such as drill support, diver support, touch down monitoring, pipeline surveys, IMR, Seismic survey research and seabed sample collections. The powerful thruster system combine with its robust and functional schilling manipulators make it a capable work class ROV that can take up any task in any subsea environment.

  • Water depth rating of up to 2500msw with a payload of 150kg
  • 110 HP Electrical Work Class ROV
  • HDTV colour camera
  • Schilling T4 Master/Slave manipulator and 5 Function Ringmaster
  • Length: 2.2m
  • Width: 1.6m
  • Height: 1.8m
  • Weight: 2100kg
  • Payload: 150kg
  • Frame: Aluminum tube T6082
  • Pods: Titanium and Aluminum
  • Connectors: Titanium
  • Buoyancy: Syntactic Foam
  • Depth Rating: 3000msw
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The Panther Plus Light Work Class ROV is a development of the highly successful Panther ROV. The Panther Plus has increased power, payload and dual manipulator capability constituting a true work class ROV. The Panther Plus has 8 horizontal thrusters giving a forward thrust of 220kg and market leading handling abilities.

The Panther Plus LWROVs have performed beyond all expectations in general drill support, completions, workovers, pipeline survey, platform survey, light construction support, cable lay & plough support.

The Panther Plus LWROVs are all deployed in a side entry garage Tether Management System (TMS) and, in their standard configurations are launched using a dedicated Crane Launch and Recovery Skid.

  • Drawing power source and controlled from surface unit located in A60 surface container.
  • Integrated with HLK-HD5 manipulator arm.
  • Multimode fiber optic system.
  • Tether Management System (TMS)
  • Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS)
  • Vehicle Dimensions
  • Length: 1.75m
  • Height: 1.22m
  • Width: 1.06m
  • Weight: 500kg
  • Through-frame Lift Payload: 45kg
  • Fore/Aft: 220 kg
  • Lateral: 170 kg
  • Vertical: 80 kg
  • Speed Fore/Aft: 3.5 knots
  • Lateral: 2.8 knots
  • Propulsion: 16Kw
  • Tooling: 9Kw
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The Seaeye Falcon ROV is widely considered the leading observation and inspection vehicle within the oil and gas industry. Open frame construction and a 37kg payload capacity allow a wide range of tools and sensors to be carried as well as underslung & bolt-on tool skids. The large frame ensures efficient water flow through the vehicle’s vectored and vertical thrusters allowing it to perform well even in strong current and harsh conditions.

The rugged chassis and stainless-steel lift frames are totally maintenance free. The launch and recovery system is gravity based for platform and jack-up operations up to 300msw depth. This enables the ROV to be deployed without needing a welding/hot-work permit, reducing safety risks and time to mobilise/demobilise.

  • Water depth rating of up to 700msw with a payload of 37kg
  • Brushless DC thrusters with velocity feedback
  • High resolution color camera that can be tilted 90 degrees
  • Depth Rating: 1000m
  • Power: 15kW 380/480VAC 3-phase
  • Length: 1000mm
  • Height: 545mm
  • Width: 600mm
  • Thrust Forward: 48kg
  • Thrust Lateral : 28kg
  • Thrust Vertical: 39kg
  • Payload: 12kg
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The VideoRay Mission Specialist Defender ROV is a system which utilizes interchangeable, modular components residing on a single, intelligent network. This topology provides an extremely flexible and customizable platform which can be easily adapted to target specific missions.

It is the flexibility of the VideoRay Mission Specialist Defender ROV which sets it apart from current technology in the Remotely Operated Vehicle Industry.


Power Requirements: 110/220VAC (1 to 2.6kW)
Total System Weight (Sub and OCC): 32.5 kg (71.6 lbs)
Cases: 2 Watertight Rugged Hard Cases
Owner’s Manual: Online Digital
System Tool Kit: Basic Tool Kit
Communications Protocol: RS-485 and Ethernet
Warranty: 2 Year Limited

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