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Quality Policy Statement

GOSL is committed to delivering efficient services that meet and exceed client expectations in a qualitative manner, consistently working to meet all accepted industry standards.

We will always strive to ensure that its personnel have the required background, experience and knowledge base, and that its equipment are in perfect working condition.

To implement this policy and maintain our commitment, we will:

GOSL is an ISO 9001 certified company and a member of IMCA covering Survey and ROV Divisions

The GOSL Commitment and Policy on Health, Safety, Security, the Environment and Social Performance applies across the company. It includes aims aligned with the GOSL Business principle on how it reflects the integrated way of operation. This gives the common value statements and broad goals in these areas and is designed to help protect people and the environment.

It includes our aim to do no harm to people, to protect the environment and to contribute to the societies where we operate. Our mandatory standards and accompanying manuals support these goals. All GOSL companies and contractors under our operational control must manage HSSE and Social Performance in line with its commitment and policy.


GOSL is committed to preventing accidents, injuries, and material losses, and will work to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all stakeholders, contractors, and others with whom the firm may have contact in the course of its operations.

We aim to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all employees at all locations, as well as encourage employee participation in Health, Safety, and Environmental problems. Employees must consequently conduct their activities in the safest possible manner, ensuring their own and coworkers’ safety.

GOSL management has primary responsibility for ensuring that the company’s Health, Safety, and Environmental programs are effective, promoted, and implemented in compliance with applicable regulations and established HSE guidelines and requirements. The implementation of the HSE policy is delegated to allow for a shared focus on improving the company’s HSE performance.

To facilitate implementation, GOSL Management will:

  1. Ensure that Health, Safety, and Environmental Management System (HSE-MS) is in place, which outlines how HSE matters will be addressed, evaluated, and communicated.
  2. Ensure Compliance with laws, regulation and group standards, which affect the company.
  3. Ensure that all work places are assessed, suitably equipped and free as is reasonably practical from recognized risks.
  4. Allocate resources and assign responsibilities for achieving HSE goals.
  5. Recognize and resolve any conflict that may arise from health and safety factors which may affect commercials.
  6. Encourage employees to raise health and safety awareness in their areas of responsibility by fostering a blame-free culture toward those involved; in the event of an incident; and promptly reporting accidents and risks to their supervisors.
  7. Hold all supervisory personnel responsible for developing and maintaining safety consciousness among staff.
  8. Provide sufficient information, instruction; training and supervision for all employees to enable them carry out their tasks competently and safely.
  9. Provide employees and contract staff with the most suitable and appropriate safety equipment where necessary.
  10. Promote environmental awareness and responsibility in its employees and contractors.
  11. Use energy and natural resources efficiently, both onshore and offshore.
  12. Minimize waste production and dispose off all its waste responsibly and maintain effective plans to deal with unwanted discharges to the environment.
  13. Be sensitive to local community concerns about environmental and health impacts of its operations on site.
  14. Reward outstanding person(s) in regards to Safety in all operations (onshore and offshore).
  15. Require all contractors to adopt and maintain company’s standard policies.
  16. Set and constantly review performance targets and measure progress towards reaching HSE goals.

Our HSE standards will not be compromised by our business principles. We will therefore continue to adopt proactive measures to improve HSE performance that will ensure no injury to people, no damage to property and no harm to environment as a standard and accepted way of doing business. GOSL complies with the IOGP lifesaving rules when carrying out their operations.

GOSL Nigeria Limited:
  1. Has a structured approach to HSSE and social performance management that is designed to assure legal compliance and ongoing performance improvement.
  2. Sets improvement goals assesses, evaluates, and reports on performance.
  3. Contractors must manage HSSE and social performance in accordance with the company’s policy.
  4. This policy is mandatory for strategic partnerships under its operational control, the company utilizes its influence to promote it in other business ventures.
  5. Neighbors and impacted communities are effectively engaged.
  6. Incorporates HSSE and social performance into employee evaluations and safety incentives are given based on this.

Our HSE standards will not be compromised by our business principles. We will therefore continue to adopt proactive measures to improve HSE performance that will ensure no injury to people, no damage to property and no harm to environment as a standard and accepted way of doing business.

To help achieve this we have a set of mandatory standards and corresponding manuals that apply to GOSL.

2.1 Control Framework

We begin each day committed to Service Quality, Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (QHSSE) excellence, nothing less. Ensuring everyone returns home safely to their loved ones at the end of the day, that we deliver the highest level of service quality to our clients, and that we leave the environments in which we operate in unharmed or better than when we found them are of paramount importance to our Company.

GOSL will strive to secure a safe and healthy work environment for all workers at each work location and in addition, encourage employee involvement in Health, Safety and Environmental issues. Employees therefore have the responsibility of conducting their activities in the safest possible manner that is protective of their own safety and that of co-workers.

Our QHSSE initiatives and Operational Excellence Performance System (OEPS) guide us on our path to excellence.

We have safety systems in place that prevent work-related injury, hazards, encourage buddy intervention, blame-free culture, and employee engagement in safety related activities. This is achieved through training, team building, and HSE Excellence.

These programs help us improve our safety performance year after year and have a measurable impact on our company and the industry. It is our organization’s core principle, which is why we continue to evolve, cooperate with our peers and clients to make a difference in the industry, and strive for excellence in all of our business processes. This applies to GOSL’s environmental and social obligations where we have operational control.

The framework covers 8 areas:
  1. Contractor HSSE management
  2. Environment
  3. Health
  4. HSSE & SP management system
  5. personal safety
  6. Projects
  7. Security
  8. Social performance

This contains a simplified set of mandatory standards that define high level HSSE and Social Performance principles and expectations. These set of manuals assist our employees to put the mandatory standards into practice.

At GOSL Safety Always Matters:

Our primary concern is always safety. We strive for zero fatalities and no occurrences that cause harm to individuals or endanger our neighbors, facilities and the environment.

It is supported by a set of mandatory manuals covering topics such as personal safety, road safety and process safety. ¨To prevent accidents, we manage safety in a systematic way and are introducing simpler and clearer requirements that are easier for people to understand and follow.”

By focusing on compliance and addressing the cultural issues that can lead to harmful behavior, we aim to keep our employees and contractors safe. It was made clear in 2013 that our goal is to operate with zero fatalities and zero LTIs.

We are working on building safety leadership abilities, recognizing good work, improving our ability to ensure that rules are being adhered to by our employees.

1,000,000 Manhours LTI free was achieved in Dec 2019, this is a milestone of enormous value, because managing safety is never an easy task.


Our Eight GEMS (Getting Everyone Managing Safety) program is meant to educate and empower employees to intervene when they witness harmful acts, unsafe environments, or other safety procedures being violated. We are advocating for global safety by examining each of the GEMS in detail. We can all work together to attain our GOAL of a workplace with zero incidents.

We know that hand and finger injuries are a common occurrence in the business, and we are working hard to reduce them. Our HSE Excellence program is guiding us on our way to a zero-incident workplace. We have enlisted the help of major leaders all over the world to raise awareness about safety measures and the necessity of behavior-based safety. As a result, our proactive steps to reduce mishaps have greatly improved.

GOSL is committed to delivering efficient services that meet and exceed client expectations in a qualitative manner, consistently working to meet all accepted industry standards. GOSL will always strive to ensure that its personnel have the required background, experience and knowledge base, and that its equipment are in perfect working condition.

To implement this quality policy and maintain our commitment, we will:

  1. Provide customers with products and services that meet requirements and are fit for their purpose
  2. Improve quality output through the determined implementation of a functional internationally accepted Quality Management System.
  3. Continually improve employee output to clients by consistently investing in training and knowledge development.
  4. Ensure compliance with relevant statutory and legal requirements.
  5. Actively seek and act upon customer feedback.
Our people are what drive us.

At GOSL, our goal is to become a recognized leader in the oilfield services sector. We intimately understand the importance to deliver consistent quality services to our clients. In attaining this, we rely on the talent of our people and fortify their professionalism by providing them with best-in-class tools and processes.

  1. Every day, we invest in our workers’ learning and development in order to improve competency, safety procedures, and service quality across the board. Our Operational Excellence and Performance System (OEPS) and the standards we’ve established enable our employees to keep their promises to the company, their coworkers, and our customers.
  2. At GOSL, our OEPS system is unlike any other in the market, allowing our personnel to design custom solutions for our clients.

GOSL is committed to achieving the highest performance in Operational Excellence. This will be achieved through demonstrated leadership, ethical behavior and adherence to GOSL standards. GOSL will endeavor to conduct all operations in a manner that will protect the environment, communities and the integrity of the Company’s human, physical, and financial resources.

Consistent with its policy(s) GOSL will:
  1. Place safety, health, reliability, quality and protection of the environment as core values while never intentionally placing employees, our processes, customers or the communities in which we live and work at risk of loss
  2. Seek continual improvement in reliability, quality, health, safety and environmental performance, taking into account, responsible care, process vulnerabilities, public, customer and employee inputs, scientific knowledge and technology, and best business practices to exceed customer expectations
  3. Demonstrate personal commitment to the prevention of employee injury, ill health, and Non-Productive Time (NPT) whilst holding our managers and employees accountable for performance in their area(s) of responsibility
  4. Communicate and consult with our employees, interested parties and our customers on safety, health, reliability, quality and protection of the environment
  5. Actively seek ways to eliminate and/or minimize identified service-related product risks, workplace hazards, processes inefficiencies, process variance, prevent pollution and reduce environmental footprints associated with our services.
  6. Comply with our policies and adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, standards and other requirements that the organization subscribes. Where adequate laws do not exist, we will apply standards that reflect our commitment to Quality, health, safety, security, protection of the environment and Customer Satisfaction.
  7. Set, review and act upon our Key Performance Indicators, objectives and targets.

This policy(s) will be made available to our workers, customers, suppliers, and other interested parties, as well as communicated to all persons working under our supervision, with the goal of informing them of their specific responsibilities.

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