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Nigerstar 7

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FEB 2019


Nigerstar 7

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Mobil Producing Nigeria



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    Nigerstar 7

    WROV Seabed Survey, Mattress Installation, Riser GVI – Asabo Flare Replacement Project – (FEB 2019)

    Project Description
    Pipeline route survey using WROV for visual Inspection and Multibeam Profiler for sonar data acquisition. Side Scan Sonar was also deployed for wider coverage of the seabed.
    Mattress installation assistance using ROV.

    Summary of Project
    The project was executed for Nigerstar 7 (contractor). GOSL’s ROV & Survey equipment was used to carry out seabed survey, mattress installation, riser GVI, surface & subsea positioning to support the flare & pipeline replacement project.

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