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First Exploration and Production Company Nigeria Limited

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OCT – NOV 2019


First Exploration And Production Company Nigeria Limited



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    First Exploration and Production Company Nigeria Limited

    Geophysical & Geotechnical Survey for OML 83 & 88 (OCT – NOV 2019)

    Project Description

    Partnered with Exploration Electronics Limited to provide 2D High Resolution Seismic Survey in Anyala & Madu fields.

    ● Carried out 2DHR and UHR Survey as specific boundaries within the project location
    ● Carried out Geotechnical Soil Sampling (Gravity Coring)
    ● All activities carried out using the African Spirit
    ● Carried out onboard processing and post processing of remotely sensed data
    ● Carried out Laboratory testing of soil samples
    ● Charting and reporting with correlation of data where applicable.

    Compressor for Air Gun

    Geophysical Sensor Recovery

    Geotechnical Corer being Deployed

    Recovery of Streamers

    Streamer Support

    Survey personnel checking depressor on Side Scan Sonar equipment

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